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“I believe that Altrous has a great range of 3d models and software. They have all been recently updated which is fantastic and the prices are also affordable. You can purchase items in bulk which I find very useful.”
Troy A. Williams
Marketing Head
“I’ve used many different 3d services in the past, but Altrous is by far the best I have ever found. Their engineering team helped me find a model that fit my specifications perfectly, and I couldn’t be happier.”
Pedro M. Williams
Product Manager
“Altrous is a great company. They have helped us so much with our 3D scanning needs. We were having trouble finding someone to do this for us and Tangent Innovations Group created a solution for us in no time.”
Raimund Evro
“I had a great experience with Altrous. I was looking for car spare parts and accessories and found their website. My order came quickly, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of their products.”
Alexander Henry
“I wanted to share my experience with Altrous. I had a problem with my car and I was very frustrated, but I found their website and the price was better than anywhere else I looked. They were so helpful and they went out of their way to help me get what I needed.”
Debra A. Seibold
Executive Head
“I am happy to say that I have found Altrous and their products. They are very well priced, but not cheap. They offer great customer service, and they have a wide selection of parts to choose from.”
Elizabeth G. Green
Executive Head
“I am a car mechanic and I had been looking for a product like Altrous’s 3D scanning software to help me with my customers. It has been so much easier to get accurate measurements of the most complicated parts, it is saving me a lot of time.”
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Buy & Sell 3D Models

Buying and selling 3D models allows individuals and companies to access a wide variety of digital assets for their projects.

Solutions that Solve Automotive Challenges

Innovative technologies and advanced engineering for improved efficiency, safety, and performance.

Accelerate The Automotive Innovation Technology

Embracing new ideas and technologies to speed up the development & deployment of cutting-edge vehicles.

Leverage our Automotive and Additive Expertise

Combining our extensive knowledge of the automotive industry and manufacturing to drive innovation.

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